About Brave Bear

Like many great ideas, Brave Bear Ceramics was born on a rainy Seattle evening. From our satiny glazes to our finely-sanded butts, we strive to create work that you want to hold. We are earthy and genuine, and are honored to be added to your cabinet.

Brave Bear Ceramics creates three distinct lines of product and all are available to order.

Home Stuff - these run the gambit of products from mugs to plates, serving platters to pitchers. See our Samples page to see your glaze choices.

Pour-over & Mug Set


Nerdy Stuff is full of fantasy and intrigue. An avid Dungeons & Dragons player, CJ likes making pots for people like them.

Fighter Class DnD Mug


Last but not least, Queer Stuff. These Pride-filled mugs and serving pieces are perfect gifts for those queers in your life. They also make great additions to your birthday or Pride parties.

Stacking Rainbow Mug Set


Soft Butts

At Brave Bear, we use two different clays made locally in Tacoma, WA: a red stoneware and a soft terracotta. Because of the nature of the clay, the terracotta will have the softest butt compared to the red stoneware, but both are sanded with love.

All glazes used in the studio are original, hand-mixed, and not available commercially.